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If you don't believe that today's world seems to be growing smaller, ask any of the thousands of companies whose businesses are increasingly affected, whether directly or indirectly, by customs issues. Too many companies give too little thought to this extremely important area, and pay more tax than necessary. Regrettably this does not often become apparent until a customs authority audit, and by then it's usually too late.

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  How Can YASH Help Your Business?
Reducing your tax charge and streamlining administrative requirements are just two elements of customs planning. Some companies find planning and the interaction between national and international legislation fraught with dilemmas and confusion, but for those guided by YASH's Trade & Customs Practice, the "ins and outs" of customs law can offer a world of opportunity.

Why Choose YASH?
Active in Europe? Since customs law in Europe are laid down primarily by Community law, the same rules apply in all European Union countries, making it possible for us to advise you on your entire European operations.

Active in the Americas or Asia? Our network of highly skilled customs and trade advisors is ready to advise you on your entire trade and customs operations.

Operate globally? Use our worldwide network of trade and customs professionals available in over 140 countries among YASH member firms.

Interested in taking advantage of available technology to improve your operations? Ask us about our virtual warehousing. Virtual warehousing is designed to help boost cross border trade by taking the hassle out of the maze of different customs systems which exist within Europe. YASH's Trade & Customs Practice can also help make customs "invisible" by advising you on which simplified customsprocedure may be appropriate for your company.

Benefits For Your Business
Why pay more tax, and fill in more forms than necessary? YASH's Trade & Customs Practice can help. Using one of our innovative systems gives you a lead in international business.

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