Business incubators are a vital resource for beginning businesses and entrepreneurs.

Incubators provide hands-on management assistance, as well as access to financing, marketing, consultants,and business or technical support services. They also offer firms shared office services, access to equipment, and low rent facilties.

Incubators are typically sponsored by universities, government agencies, community groups, private industry, investors and coalitions of these groups, to encourage new business formation, economic development and technology commercialization. Incubators are typically fee-based services.

There are currently more than 500 incubators in the United States. A business incubator is mainly an organization of services designed to nurture young businesses.

A business incubator's services ususally include:

  • A network of relationships with other business owners
  • Financial assistance and advice
  • Business and technical assistance; and
  • Shared business services.

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