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Vendor Services

can comprise any or all of the following: tax structuring;
compilation and review of financial information to be provided to bidders;
audit of special purpose accounts; organization of financial sections of data room;
interfacing with purchasers and their accounting advisers on accounting matters and challenging due diligence findings of purchasers;
checking/challenging information provided by management of the business to be sold and generally representing the vendorís interests on site;
advice on financial clauses of sale and purchase agreement;
audit/review of completion accounts, assistance with price adjustments as well as work on warranty clauses.

helps vendor to preserve the value in disposals by guarantee assisting the vendor with proper process execution.

Tender / Bid Services
Pre-Deal Services
Business Investigations
Vendor Services
Deal Structuring
Contract Services
Stock Advice & Integration

  Vendor Initiated Due Diligence

Independent analysis and evaluation of financial and commercial information prepared at an early stage of the disposal.

provides vendor with early notice of issues which may impact bidderís perception of value so that they can be assessed;
provision of independent due diligence to purchasers;
facilitates better informed bids at competitive stage of auction thereby reducing risk of subsequent price reduction;
prevents consecutive due diligence by bidders thereby minimising disruption to business and reducing transaction timetable;
helps to limit extent of contract warranties by making full disclosure; helps reduce bidders transaction costs thereby stimulating interest.
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