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Finance Syndication

YASH Group with its associates can help you in obtaining the private equity / venture capital / short, long term finance. Structured finance techniques are used to reduce the average cost of capital of projects/acquisitions giving you a better chance of winning deals. YASH can help identify separable assets and cash flows which are attractive to lenders, structure the deal to sanitise the cashflows, carry out the due diligence which minimizes the financierís uncertainty about the deal and identify financing sources.

Syndication for long-term loans ranging from 3 to 10 years.
Access to multiple financial resources with leverages and schemes suitable for the client specific needs.
Analysis ,evaluation and advice on client's financial requirements.
Evaluate potential investment/funding in the context of our clients existing business model.

Finance Syndication
Venture Capital
Seed Financing
Term Loans
Documentation & Vetting
Mergers & Acquisitions, JV's
Feasibility Reports

Identifying the right sources across the globe with attractive terms most suitable to our cleanest.
Documentation and presentation services.
Anticipation of long term impact on repayments and deal structuring.
Provide advice on key risk factors and benefits throughout the transaction.

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