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Never before has the investment management industry been more globally focused—due in large part to emerging capital markets, pension reform, tremendous advances in technology, and increasing deregulation. It is no longer enough to focus the terms, attributes, or distribution strategies of your products and services on just one market. More sophisticated investors and delivery channels—particularly e-business—are driving the need for comprehensive customer service.

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  (For the latest on e-business and investment management, read our "Embracing E-Business" issue of Perspectives.) Domestic markets are opening up to foreign investors and investment managers, creating the need for global distribution and compliance systems that respond to sovereign and regulatory requirements. And industry leaders are re-evaluating their product and marketing strategies to create new opportunities and competitive advantages. Because YASH is at the forefront of this industry-in-transition, we are well positioned to help you.

We understand that investing in tomorrow is critical to your organisation's survival in the 21st century. As part of our continuing programme focusing on understanding industry trends, our Global Investment Management Group joined forces with the Economist Intelligence Unit to look ahead at the next five years, to see what you need to do to ensure that your organisation is one of Tomorrow's Leading Investment Managers. Visit our TLIM site to review the highlights of our findings and suggestions for action.

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