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Flotation & Public Offers


  • act as sponsor or nominated adviser, to manage the process and to coordinate the work of all those broking, accounting, PR and legal specialists who need to be involved
  • source and arrange the underwriting
  • guidance on and drafting of the prospectus
  • establish with the stockbrokers the appropriate parameters for pricing and share distribution


  • careful planning to help ensure potential rewards are to be realised fully
  • involvement with many different businesses at various stages of their development has given us an acute understanding of what your concerns and htmirations are likely to be


Whether raising finance, profile or providing a market in your shares are key business objectives, extensive research and meticulous planning are vital in order to undertake a successful IPO. YASH helps ensure a smooth flotation process by focusing on key issues, using focused teams.

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Floatation & Public Offers

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