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Project Consulting

Yash management consultency has signed joint venture, technology partnership, solution partnership, and consulting agreements with many leading power, infrastructure, shipping, chemical & pharmaceutical, real estate, petrolium and IT companies for setting up of large projects across the globe.

IT Onsite/Offshore Consulting
Project Consulting
HR & Staffing
Floatation & Public Offers

Infrastructure :
Raliway projects

Power :
Thermal power projects
LSD, diesel and naphtha power projects
Hydel power projects
Solar, wind and other non-conventional power projects
Captive power generation

Shipping :
Fleet aquisition and management
Cruise and cargo management services

Real Estate & Tourism :

Hotels and Resorts
Residential and Commercial Projects

Chemical, Pharmacuetical and Medical :
Bulk drugs and formulations
Large scale chemical projects
Corporate Hospitals
Medical equipment and manufacturing

Petrolium :
Petrolium and it's products
Synthetic and Plastic Industry

IT consulting :
E-commerce and Internet technologies.
GPS / GIS / FM / AM.
Networking and tele-communication.
Banking and Tax solutions.
Customised solutions.
Management Consulting.

Others :
Airline Industry
Food and Beverage
Consumer goods
Distribution Industry

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