Onsite / Offshore Consulting

Yash management consistancy has signed joint venture, technology partnership, solution partnership, and consulting agreements with many leading IT companies across the globe.
Yash is looking out for affiliates, partners with sound technology, resource and financial base for offloading software projects in particular to India and Asia Pacific for cost affective consulting in the following areas.

Offshore consulting :
E-commerce and Internet technologies.
Networking and telecommunication.
Banking and Tax solutions.
Customised solutions.
Management Consulting.

Onsite consulting in the following skill sets:

Java, Beans, Corba, EJB, XML, WML, ASP, MTS, MIS, IIS, COM, DCOM, Cold fusion, Servlets, JSP, Oracle, VB, VC++, C, C++, VJ++, Lotus Notes, Sybase, Java Script, Vb Script, WebSphere, WebLogic, HTML, DHTML. DBA's in Sybase, oracle 8i, Informix, SQL Server, DB/2, UBD,DBS and Data Warehousing.
TCP/IP, WAP, Embeded System design, Real time operating system.
Digital RF Technology, TDM, FDM.
CAD, GIS (small world).
Systems adminstration in HP-Unix, Sun solarix, AIX, MS SQL Server.

IT Onsite/Offshore Consulting
Project Consulting
HR & Staffing
Floatation & Public Offers

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