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High technology offers new opportunities for wrongdoers.

That means you face new kinds of security-related threats in the areas of—

  • Electronic funds diversion

  • Money laundering

  • Information theft

  • Cyber terrorism


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The perpetrators can be your own employees, suppliers, investors, customers, or business partners.

Entering foreign markets magnifies the threat because of differing business customs and regulatory practices. And at home, cybercrime affects both you and your customers.

YASH’s Forensic & Litigation Services practice can help you respond to these new threats and challenges.

Our in-depth experience ranges from conducting fraud investigations to implementing and monitoring ethics and integrity programs for organizations around the world.

Our comprehensive services can help you:

  • Assess your exposure to fraud and other misconduct

  • Design, implement, and manage fraud deterrence programs

  • Monitor compliance with court orders and regulatory decisions

  • Resolve disputes

  • Maximize income rightfully due from contracts, license agreements, joint ventures, and fraud insurance coverage

  • Minimize risk in new business ventures

  • Safeguard your assets

YASH. Because Wrongdoers Are Keeping Up with the Times.

We combine technical anticrime skills with the deep resources of a global network of member firms. And with our IT network, we can confront wrongdoers with their most powerful weapons.

We have experience investigating highly complex cyber crimes internationally.

YASH’s Forensic & Litigation professionals include—

  • Investigative accountants

  • Former law enforcement officers

  • Private investigators

  • Business valuers

  • Criminologists

  • Computer analysts


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