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Risk Advice

Fraud risk management:

  • Benchmarks the quality of your fraud risk management strategy, fraud risk assessment, internal controls, and fraud response planning
  • Benchmarks the quality of the business environment—culture, ethics, personnel profile, structure, reward management, and communications
  • Alerts your front-line people to fraud through training


Restructuring and Turn around
Investigation/Insolvency Services
Risk Advice
Intellectual Property Rights
Legal Services
Resolution Services
Recovery Services

… and helps you:

  • Highlight performance improvement opportunities to achieve your business goals
  • Create shareholder value by focusing management attention on the critical risks
  • Build an antifraud culture

Agreement vetting (pre- and post-closing) in conjunction with counsel:

  • Reviews language of accounting mechanisms and drafts of agreements
  • Assists in preparation or review of earn-out/closing accounts
  • Advises on the preparation of dispute notices and settlement negotiations

  • Assists with the preparation of submissions when a dispute goes forward to an independent expert

… and helps you minimize your risks of future disputes and the associated time and costs

Integrity management:

  • Analyzes your risks and identifies weaknesses in your corporate ethics and compliance program

  • Provides training in ethics and compliance commitments

and helps you with the prevention and detection of violations of your internal standards and policies

Physical security:

  • Assists you with corporate security by providing threat, risk, and vulnerability assessments as well as security recommendations
  • Provides disaster recovery and contingency planning

…and helps you anticipate and minimize physical security risks and potential losses

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