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Investigation / Insolvency Services


  • Realizes assets of a company for the benefit of creditors (when YASH serves in the capacity of a liquidator, receiver, or trustee in bankruptcy)
  • Provides liquidity investigations and workouts
  • Identifies causes of underperformance
  • Facilitates the survival of a troubled company in accordance with protective orders
  • Advises on company closures
  • Assesses creditworthiness of a company
  • Assesses management capability
  • Provides pre-lending opinions on the ability of a customer to service a new debt
  • Provides independent assessments of assets or businesses offered as collateral


  • Helps creditors obtain a clear picture of the direction management intends to follow
  • Provides objective and reliable information and opinions
  • Helps management provide stakeholders with a unified strategy for recovery
  • Helps recover or preserve value

Restructuring and Turn around
Investigation/Insolvency Services
Risk Advice
Intellectual Property Rights
Legal Services
Resolution Services
Recovery Services

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